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SmartOS Cheat Sheet

SmartOS main commands

Command Description sysinfo Displays global system information prstat Top like utility for solaris (there is no top on solaris prstat -Z Display per zone resource consumption prstat –z UUID Display a specific zone processes ps -Zaef | sort -k3 | grep global Display global zone processes sorted by PID echo ::memstat | mdb -k Displays the Overall ram consumption arcstat Displays ARC statistics arcstat -f arcsz,c Displays current ARC size and the desired ARC size zlogin Logs into a running Solaris Zone (OS zone only)

Virtual Machine/Zone management

Image Management

Command Description imgadm Command to operate Images from which create zones imgadm avail Lists repository images available to import imgadm import UUID Imports a selected image from repository to SmartOS Imgadm delete UUID Deletes a previously imported zone ...

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SmartOS overview

Why Smartos

There are many hypervisors on the market, from VMware’s ESXi to Citrix XenServer, but they’re not a very good match for a standalone Hypervisor because they are architectured and built to be deployed in a clustered/distributed manner with infrastructure services distributed across the datacenter.

Because some time ago we decided to deploy in our company an all-in-one solution, we looked some alternatives up on the internet and came accross Joyent’s SmartOS

SmartOS is an Illumos (which is an OpenSolaris 11 based) based distribution engineered by Joyent which provides a very unique feature set:

  • Solaris Zones for LightWeight virtualization or OS virtualization.
  • KVM for Virtual Machine virtualization
  • ZFS File System
  • DTrace for advanced OS Performance troubleshooting.
  • Service Management Facility (SMF) for Service handling

What We really liked was the SMF + ZFS +...

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